KidShape Workbook

KidShape works because it works with the whole family and families working together are powerful. We give families the tools to eat healthy, move more, change behavior and feel good.

Make Your Home a KidShape Home

The workbook has activities and challenges to help you and your family practice what you learn with KidShape. Use KidShape Cooks and make meals with cooking techniques and delicious recipes that let you master the kitchen.

This workbook is designed for your whole family. With over 240 pages, the workbook has seven sections covering some important topics like, Balancing Your Food Choices with a Meal Plan, Importance of Fiber, Power of Sleep, Protein Power, Reading Labels, Strength and Core Training, Eating and Feelings and The Power of Positive Thinking.

Over 20,000 families have participated in KidShape programs all over the United States.

KidShape is designed to be adapted to specific needs of the families who participate. Some important statistics are:

  • Teens who eat with their families seven times or more per week have higher grade point averages.
  • Teens who eat with their families seven times or more per week are less likely to feel depressed, use cigarettes or drugs than teens, who ate less than twice a week with their families.

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